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  1. Marlene — Kevin Allodi here (friend/business partner with Chris & Mary Spagnola at Back Alley Burger). Wanted to discuss a possible engagement — the 3rd annual Night of Art & Jazz in conjunction with the West End Art Festival. Performance is tentatively scheduled for Friday Sept 15th. Not sure if you caught the last two years but I try to do it right — tented stage, professional lighting & sound, etc. Last years performers — Jim Warner’s band Akalibrio, recorded it in both audio and HD DVD for release. Anyway, wanted to see if you had any interest.If so shoot me a note ot give me a call or 708/207-6256.

  2. Hello Marlene,

    I want to thank you for sending me your new CD “Bassprint”.

    Popped it right in the box for a listen and have to say right off the bat I love it!

    Your tune selection, arrangements and band personnel are superb. Geoff, Scott and Makaya are all fantastic jazz musicians and really add to the beauty on this recording. This is a first class production all the way. I’d be delighted to help you spread the word about this release to the music press and the wider jazz community.

    Below are a sample of some of the campaigns we offer. We can always customize a campaign to fit your needs and budget.

    If you’re looking for reviews in the national press we offer a National Publicity Campaign where we service the top 300+ jazz journalists in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia (including the DB Voting Critics) along with your One Sheet. Cost for this campaign is $2500, which represents a flat fee for the life of the campaign (typically six months) and would include promo for any live appearances in the NY City Market while we’re working your CD. We also provide tour support and other publicity services. We can also assist you with coordinating your radio campaign. We work with a number of radio promoters and can facilitate the mailing and work with whoever you choose to do your radio campaign. If you would like some recommendations let me know and I’ll send them over. We like to send promos to press at least 60 to 90 days in advance of your release date.

    Other Campaigns We Offer:

    Top 160 ($1500 3 month campaign)
    (Service to the top jazz mags, Down Beat, JazzTimes, Jazziz, Cadence, Coda, AllAboutJazz, Hot House, Jazz Improv + select daily’s, Weeklies, and Monthlies as well as select Online Media, Jazz Journalist Association writers.

    Top 60 ($1000 2 month campaign)
    (Service to Down Beat, JazzTimes, Jazziz, Cadence, Coda, AllAboutJazz, Hot House, Jazz Improv + select Online Media)

    CD Release Event ($600 2 week campaign)
    Service to select local media, VIP invites, maintain press list. Includes E Blast to my NYC Hot list)

    E Mail Campaign (Good for general Announcement. No follow-Up)
    Cost is $150 for two Blasts to my NYC Hot List and $250 to my international List (includes NYC Hot List)
    Note: My Jazz Promo database contains over 10,000 international jazz contacts so we’re well equipped to get your events, new CDs or newsletter noticed by the entire jazz community. Our list contains just about every important contact that you’ll need including music calendars, listings editors, radio, press, TV, print media Online Media, industry contacts Down Beat Voting Critics, Jazz Journalist Association, and plenty of jazz fans too who like to buy tickets and go out to live shows.

    Consultation ($250 per Session)
    Career development, Management, Booking, Distribution. All the questions to help you make those important decisions. Note: $250 consultation fee will be credited back towards any of the above campaigns.

    Press Release:
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    Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

    I look forward to receiving your reply.

    Very best Regards,

    Jim Eigo
    Jazz Promo Services
    269 State Route 94 South
    Warwick, NY 10990
    Ph: 845-986-1677 / Fax: 845-986-1699
    Cell / text: 917-755-8960
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