In modern Jazz, the bass has two functions, rhythmic catalyst and front-line soloist: few bassists do as good a job as Marlene Rosenberg of integrating these roles into a voice that can either lead or support. Frequently, she manages to do both-all with a technique that successfully marries her muscular finger-work to a tone both senorous and flexible.
   – ” Neil Tesser; author of “The Playboy Guide to Jazz”

Bass player Marlene Rosenberg totally demolished any myths that women can’t hold their own jazz bass. Her high energy performance never seemed to flag during two sets of intense playing.”
   – St. Louis Pose-Dispatch(Review of Frank Morgan Quintet)

“What makes Marlene special is her strength and depth of understanding of music. In a world of clones, she has managed to emerge as her won person with her own sound and feel…her time feel is steady and swing like mad.”
   – “Mr. Taste”, Drummer Ed Thigpen”